Miabel Artistry founder

Jessica Morton

is a veteran to the makeup and fashion industry with over 20 years of experience helping others feel and look their best. Before starting Miabel in 2010, Jessica spent more than a decade at M•A•C Cosmetics where she honed her craft under the supervision of Sr. Pro Artists, and Master Classes led by such artists as Joanne Gair, Rick Baker, and the infamous Kabuki.  Additionally, Jessica served as a trainer, both regionally and nationally helping others artists further develop their talent. Her vision for Miabel was born out her passion for hair + makeup, and desire to bring a personal level of service to others.

Giving back is at the heart of the company. We not only give our best talent and energy to every client, we give our heart to others in need.  When you book with Miabel, a percentage goes to support special causes.  A few of the organizations we have supported are: Shepherds Gate, Loaves & Fishes, St. Jude & Freedom House.


  • I know everyone says it, but I've literally never felt prettier than on my wedding day. I'd recommend Miabel to anyone/everyone.
    — Naoko K


Partial list of companies, Talent and faces we've had the pleasure of working with...

Banana Republic  •  Old Navy  •  Charles Schwab  •  Mindful Magazine  •  Buxom/Bare Mineral Cosmetics
Trumark Urban  •  Allis Inc  •  Splunk  •  Nexmo  •  Blackhawk Network  •  Sequoia Equities  •  Sky Angels


Bill Abranowicz
Blake Farrington
Stan Musilek
Doug Menuez
Jason Kibbler
RC Rivera

Hair/Makeup artists

Rick Gradone
Brynn Doering
Olaf Derlig
Heather Beckrest
France Pierson
Gregory Arlt
John Stapleton
Tiffany Johnston


Benj Lee
Zuzanna Krzatala
Lily Zhi
Tyrie Rudolph
Samaria Regalado
Joslyn Fink
Brittany Waite